Week of 8/20/2018



  1. Create function call on subnet DAO app to allow routers to query neighbor's subnet status
    This is probably pretty easy.

  2. Get firmware successfully querying subnet DAO
    You’ll probably have to work with @drozdziak1 on this

  3. Work on IP leasing fee contract
    We’re expecting that this might not get done, but if you finish everything else, it’s a good thing to start on


  1. Code review and possible small refactor of frontend
    I spotted some stuff in there I’d like to review. Ping me when you are around. Also, there are some more well-designed and maintained state frameworks like Unstated and Statty that we might want to switch to instead of my home-brewed one.

  2. Implement new exit list wireframes
    These will make things a lot clearer. I did them with a bootstrap wireframe template, so you should be able to implement them without any custom CSS

  3. Show theoretical balances with neighbors
    This is basically an implementation of the payment interface but without actual money changing hands. This requires some more design work which I can do, it also requires you to make a Rust endpoint possibly in collaboration with @michal or @ttk2

This will now involve: Add fake funds deposit to dashboard api


  1. https://github.com/althea-mesh/althea_rs/issues/216
    You’ll probably want to coordinate with @Sebohe on this

  2. https://github.com/althea-mesh/althea_rs/issues/202


  1. https://github.com/althea-mesh/althea_rs/issues/215

  2. https://github.com/althea-mesh/althea_rs/issues/214
    @Adam_Soltys will be involved in this, if you’ve already implemented the endpoint, then you could just give him a code walkthrough since we want him to gain some familiarity with the backend. Please add API documentation to the /docs folder if you haven’t already.

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We’ve got a weird split happening here between project management in issues and project management in this forum. I guess we will have to decide which is better