Router to Subnet DAO data exchange (setup)

  1. Aragon app displays a QR code with its IP address and Ethereum address, and router’s new IP address.
  2. Router dash turns on camera
  3. Router dash reads Aragon QR code, sends request to router backend
  4. Router backend saves the IP address of the router (/64) and Ethereum contract address of subnet DAO
  5. Router backend sends response with router’s Ethereum address to router dash
  6. Router dash displays QR code with address
  7. Aragon app sees QR code and adds router to Subnet DAO node list
  • The router IP address needs to be generated randomly, but within the range of the subnet, and not conflicting with existing IPs.
  • The router IP is actually going to be a /64
  • The subnet is going to be a /48
  • Randomly generate a /64 within a certain /48 and check that it doesn’t conflict.
  • Use a hardcoded subnet /48

Potential Placement of Unique Identifiers for QA automation:

  • SubnetDAO input field
  • Add Subnet DAO Button
  • Each address container
  • Each Address’ “Remove” Button
  • Join SubnetDAO w/ QR button

What if the Subnet DAO wanted to make a custom firmware with their info already baked in? Would this be a relatively simple modification? @ttk2 @Jehan

Then only one QR scan would be necessary for “activation”.

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super easy, 5 minutes or less. Of course you still need to re-bake the firmwares but that’s not an attended operation.

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