QA Report 14-8-2018

Build: Nightly off commit 9952f6432ac5f48d3cfd3e208a2399b0e4de5c4c (I’m not sure if there is a current version)

Firmware installs worked without incident.

Exit Node Connections:
test verification 2 times before successful
apac (singapore) verification 3 times before successful
AUS and canada_east rejected; region lock. Continues showing UI “submitting registration request” card
borked quick connection and no issues
us_west and bogota: “waiting for contact” status never changed.

On Tested Exit: Down: 11.8 Mbps (1.5 MB/s) Up: 8.2 Mbps (1 MB/s)

Potential Issue: After about 10 minutes of online activity, the Althea UI stopped updating the pages. Navbar remained, but all pages gave load bars (or blank pages) to eternity.

let me guess you where viewing the test exits page on first boot? Try rebooting the router and seeing if it’s faster the second time.

We have some slowdown condition I can’t really identify. But it’s very bad.