Payment screen updates

@Adam_Soltys so this is the issue with fake balances? (combined with the value being crazy which we just fixed) is the debts endpoint useful or are there just no wireframes for that now.

I’m still seeing a large negative balance when running the latest althea_rs: {“balance”:-47970105636627,“version”:“0.1.5”}

I’ve used the /debts endpoint on the Neighbors page but I’m not sure how it would come into play here unless you’re thinking I should total up all the debts rather than getting the total balance from the /info endpoint…?

@Adam_Soltys looks like there was some miscommunication, just do the division by 1*10^9 yourself. At least the endpoint doesn’t crash now.

also it looks like our default prices are way out of whack the default exit has ‘earned’ 91728 eth.

@michal @drozdziak1 how exactly does babel price translate to cost per byte? That’s an important thing we need to determine.