Daily Dev Update for 16-08-2018


We successfully hotpatched in the speedup change into Alpha 8, with only minor bugs reported by @Josh’s excellent QA we can shift our focus into our next set of features.

Mainly subnet dao integration, which I want to target for the end of next week, what we need is

  • Web3 querying of the subnet dao on full nodes
  • Some level of tunnel management (slated for the next couple of days, probably not for-real since we don’t want to break people)
  • A new frontend page with the basic of subnet dao viewing
  • the backend endpoitns for said new frondend page

@ttk2 :
Working on

  • Fixing the last problems from Alpha 8

Working on

  • Tunnel lifetime management, including cleaning up old tunnels

Working on

  • out this week

Working on

  • tested the latest release, good work. We’ll have new builds in a few days, should get some radios soon.

Working on

  • Subnet dao contracts and aragon

Working on

  • Transaction/Ring research