Daily Dev Update for 13-08-2018

Release tomorrow \0/

I’ve spent most of my day today testing 0.1.5 of Althea and it’s pretty nice, everything is stable, signup is smooth, it all seems to work just fine. I’ve found only a few odd issues.

  1. The exits endpoint on the dashboard needs to be rate limited, if you have several instances of the dashboard open you will overwhelm the router and kill it.
  2. Some odd issues with the glb1300’s after flashing them, end conclusion just don’t touch for like 10 minutes after you flash them.
  3. Errors from exits if you get the email settings wrong are really arcane and show up as futures errors on the dashboard :frowning: we should maybe have a ‘exit problem’ popup.

@ttk2 :
Working on

  • updated all test exits
  • tested new release across arm and mips targets, great success!

Working on

  • securing logging info
  • Alpha 8 release
  • research for ring replacement

Working on

  • out this week

Working on

  • testing builds available as nightly I plan to get on a call and help him out when I can.

Working on

  • Researching if we can go back in time and try out Tendermint when ethermint still worked.

Working on

  • Ring research
  • traffic watcher review / cleanup