Daily Dev Update for 10-08-2018

We’ve reached our end of week milestone successfully, in that @Adam_Soltys has a test firmware with all of the endpoints he needs for frontend design that actually works.

While there are still 6 or so outstanding issues we need to get before we can call this a ‘stable’ release I’m happy with the progress.

I’d say we’ll probably cut a release mid next week and it will be pretty rock solid networking wise.

@ttk2 :
Working on

  • Fixed issues with tunnel agreement, where one side would see a tunnel as live while the other would disagree

Working on

  • code review


  • Improved dynamic topology CI for Rita
  • release management shenanigans

Working on

  • Getting the dashboard ready for the next release, good progress!


  • Dashboard smoothness, high latency endpoints need some compensation

Working on

  • testing builds are out, but it might be best to wait till monday, I’ve left that up to him.

Working on

  • Looks like we can’t use the Kotlin Eth testnet because the Aaragon contracts in testing require hacking to deploy, not a great situation but we can work on the more crowded testnet for now.

Working on

  • Docopt fixes, wipe endpoint merge, openssl fix. Great work.


  • traffic watcher fixes/refactor to clean it up.