Daily Dev Update for 08-09-2018


We landed the peer refactor as well as the register endpoints today. So that’s some great progress already. We also have a laundry list of minor bugs as open issues and I think we can really make short work of them.

@ttk2 :
Working on

  • Landed peer refractor
  • opened half a dozen little pull requests

Working on

  • Landed register endpoint, some fixes for the tests


  • Improved dynamic topology CI for Rita
  • release management shenanigans

Working on

  • Waiting on @michal 's wipe endpoint (some issue with the debug flag) and on me for a fixed peer refactor (gateway tunnels sometimes fail)


  • Dashboard smoothness, high latency endpoints need some compensation
  • Dashboard liveness, the exits endpoint provides a lot of cool debugging features that should be presented to the user helpfully.
  • Layout and design improvements

Working on

  • Waiting on testing builds from the rest of us, hoping to have those out tomorrow night. (for real this time)

Working on

  • Looks like we can’t use the Kotlin Eth testnet because the Aaragon contracts in testing require hacking to deploy, not a great situation but we can work on the more crowded testnet for now.

Working on

  • figured out a how to fix that annoying openssl issue, testing a solution


  • traffic watcher fixes/refactor to clean it up.