Daily Dev Update for 02-08-2018


Some fixes today from @drozdziak1 along with increased volume of code review over guac and such

What’s still broken:

  • OpenWRT upgrades have broken the ERX, ERlite etc.
  • Payments page on the router dashboard, the api changed, @kindiana where’s this API doc’ed anyways?
  • Backwards compatibility tests are borked because the exit signup refactor isn’t backwards compatible
  • Speaking of, the exit signup refactor is broken because TrustDNS decided that reading /etc/resolv.conf is a great idea and broke our old assumptions, apparently @kindiana’s wrapper also fails to save this. So we’re going to have to leak some update traffic (but not user dns queries) in the gateway + client corner case or do a lot of pulls upstream
  • Speaking of upstream pulls we sitll have an outstanding pull request against Actix we depend on, getting that cleaned up is in progress. In general git dependencies should be minimized
  • Oh and we have three several hundred line refactors as outstanding pull requests.

@ttk2 :
Working on

  • Explicit peer discovery, working out one final closure’s return types to finally complete this, testing seems positive so far. There’s also the matter of unit tests, the previous tests focused mostly on identifying shelling out commands as being correct, considering I removed most of that I’m not sure how I should reconstitute them.

Working on


  • /exits/nickname/register to complement the other two endpoitns, Adam may soon be blocked on this
  • Version lock Althea-firmware on top of specific OpenWRT commit hashes, then try and automate the process of testing an update to those hashes.
  • Improved dynamic topology CI for Rita

Working on

  • Not sure didn’t get the chance to talk to him today.

Working on

  • Nathan seems to have gone down the rabbit hole of understanding tunnel manager, got him back on track for a proper pull request today.

Working on

  • Exit signup display wireframes etc


  • Dashboard exit signup changes, this includes updating the exits section screen to use the /exits interface as well as @drozdziak1’s recently merged /exit/nickname/select and /exit/nickname/reset endpoints.
  • Dashboard smoothness, high latency endpoints need some compensation
  • Dashboard liveness, the exits endpoint provides a lot of cool debugging features that should be presented to the user helpfully.
  • Layout and design improvements

Working on

  • testing installer on various distros (since it was obviously broken when he tried it) as well as getting the local mesh setup (seems to be pretty much done, matter of testing scripts)

Working on

  • Investigating ethermint as well as possible alternatives

Working on

  • The Ring port was put up as a pull request today, which should reduce the time dedicated to it while upstream advises on how to handle the rest of the problem. In the meantime I talked with Michal today about how to secure various components of our API call system. Which are all currently HTTP. Actually I think this deserves it’s own dev thread so I’ll go and make one. Here it is