Community Outreach: Script

This is a script we used for phone, you can modify for in person. Key is to get them talking about their experience with internet.

The “using althea” page can be useful for presentations or additional information -

Outreach Scripts

Phone -

Hi, I’m “name" and I’m with “Altheahood biz” and I was wondering if you had a few minutes and I could share with you our new community based Internet project?

  • If No — No problem - is there a better time to reach you? — Make appointment

  • If yes — Great, thank you. We are setting up a new internet option for our community that will be locally run, cheaper and faster than your current provider. Can I ask who your current provider is?

Ok, you are with “crappy copper company” - how is the service, are you happy?

  • If yes - Ok, would you prefer a locally run company?

    • If yes, go to pitch

    • If no, thank you for your time today.

  • If no, empathize with them about how their experience, and then go to pitch.

Pitch -

“Altheahood Biz” is a community run option that brings faster internet and because you only pay for what you use, cheaper too! We are talking to neighbors to see if you would be interested in this, and there is a potential you could become a relay and make money for hosting some equipment on your property (home/business). There are no contracts or commitments either.

Right now we are signing up interested people - would you like to be added to the list? If so, I can sign you up or you can go to to learn more. (enter info into altheahoods site)

Do you have any other questions? Do you know someone else who might be interested as well?

Thank You!

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Thanks so much for sharing this, Deborah!

I put your outline into a flowchart with mermaid-js. Here is a link to the online live editor. Other organizers: please feel free to use and remix! I adapted the script for my biz/neighborhood, so it will definitely need changed for other organizers.