Blockchain providers sources

This post will aggregate a list of current web3 providers, contract address, ABI and SubnetDAO domains.

AragonApp demo:

Metamask needs some configuration:

  • Add custom rpc node with the url:
  • Import private key: a8a54b2d8197bc0b19bb8a084031be71835580a01e70a45a13babd16c9bc1563


You need to change the aragon app settings:

  • set ethereum node to: ws://
  • set ipfs to:


  • ws:
  • rpc


  • NodeList: 0xF7402C9b6eE98AcB1b7d131607108D1f15b552CD

  • Contract owner: 0x642118388d934533992dcfaa7fc7c62f64d0edba

  • Existing members:

    • Ethereum: 0x642118388d934533992dcfaa7fc7c62f64d0edba
    • ipv6: 0xfd5d7c57433007f04b2e5281361a01d9
  • ABI:
    (Aragon app deploys the ABI on IPFS. Still need to figure out how to find it)

  • Curl request:

    • JSON-RPC documentaion:

    • useful tool for generating the data field:

    • ethabi example (note that the output doesn’t have the 0x prefix):

      • ethabi encode function contracts/NodeList.json getMember -p fd5d7c57433007f04b2e5281361a01d9
    • Curl request example:

      • curl -X POST  -H "Content-Type: application/json"  --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_call","params":[{"to": "0xf7402c9b6ee98acb1b7d131607108d1f15b552cd", "data": "0x376679b0fd5d7c57433007f04b2e5281361a01d900000000000000000000000000000000"}, "latest"],"id":1}'


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@Sebohe can we put up a public version of the Aragon page the repo compiles to?