Arcane Forge Validator

Arcane Forge Validator

Arcane Forge has been a proud member of the Cosmos ecosystem since 2020 and a dedicated follower of Althea since 2017. As one of the core validators for both the Althea L1 blockchain and Gravity Bridge, our commitment to supporting and enhancing the blockchain community is unwavering.

Why Stake with Arcane Forge?

  • Experience and Reliability: With years of experience in the blockchain space, our team ensures top-notch performance and reliability. We maintain high uptime and robust security measures to protect your assets.

  • Core Validator: As one of the core validators for Althea and Gravity Bridge, we play a crucial role in maintaining and securing the network. Our deep involvement reflects our dedication to the project’s success.

  • Community Leadership: Our team was honored to be chosen as one of the first two Althea Chapter organizers, participating in the steering committee. We actively contribute to the community, driving initiatives that promote growth and decentralization.

  • Engagement and Support: At Arcane Forge, we believe in fostering a strong, supportive community. We engage with our stakers, providing transparency, regular updates, and responsive support to ensure a seamless staking experience.

Join the Arcane Forge Family:

By staking with Arcane Forge, you are not only supporting a reliable and experienced validator but also contributing to the broader success of the Althea network. Join us in our mission to strengthen and secure the blockchain ecosystem.

Stake with Arcane Forge today and be part of a trusted, community-focused validator that prioritizes both performance and engagement.

Explore More:
For more details on our performance and to track our validator status, visit our block explorer link.