About the Governance category

Welcome to the Althea L1 governance.

Use this space to create new discussions on proposed or upcoming governance and engage in related discussion with the community.

To maximize transparency, visibility and further thoughtful discussion, the following guidelines are strongly encouraged. These guidelines are meant to help you be more successful when engaging with the community through governance.

Before creating an on-chain proposal, first create a login and make a new post here. Your post should summarize your proposal, its intended effect, include any relevant pros or cons, as well as any other information that will help community members better understand the proposal, intended goals, and the impact it will have if passed (or defeated). You are encouraged to respectfully engage with other community members in the forum who may voice support, opposition or who ask for further information or clarification.

To increase visibility of the forum discussion you have just started, please visit the Governance (blockchain) channel of the official Althea Discord server (https://discord.gg/p78waWeaBq) and share a link to your post and a brief description of your proposal.

Allow sufficient time for discussion to take place before creating an on-chain proposal. There is no hard rule on how long one should allow, as this will vary depending on the nature of the proposal. Generally speaking, one week is typically sufficient time for a beneficial discussion to take place. The goal during this time should be to raise awareness, gauge sentiment, and share knowledge. Even good proposals are made better through suggestions and input from other members. Thorough discussion produces governance that is far more likely to pass and far less likely to require subsequent proposals to correct oversights or errors.

This channel can also be used to brainstorm ideas or suggestions related to governance, proposals and related matters.

Remember to have fun and be respectful when engaging with the community.