About the Bug Report category

This sub-category is a place for bug reporting related to the Althea L1 blockchain and the tools, UIs, or other items related to it.

When reporting an issue, the more information and context you can share, the better the report.

When making a report, consider the following suggestions:

  • Clear, informative title to your post
  • A detailed description of the bug or other issue you have encountered, including the steps leading up to the issue and any related information you can think of that might be relevant.
  • Reproduction steps: Is the issue consistently reproducible? If so, what are the steps to do so.
  • Environment: Any details about your browser / machine / wallet manager etc. that could be relevant
  • Screenshots or recordings if applicable
  • Frequency if relevant
  • Any additional information that you think might be relevant or helpful.

Please also remember to use the appropriate tags to make sorting reports easier.

Happy (bug) hunting!