Subnet DAOs for small network use cases

In the event that someone would like to use Althea to simply sell internet between themselves and a trusted party or small group of people, would they have to create a Subnet DAO and stake on the TCR or not?


  1. Someone would like to sell internet to their mother-in-law living in a smaller house on their property.

  2. A farm in the middle of Kansas would like to sell internet to their workers living a short distance from the main house. There is a group of ten worker houses that the farmer would like to sell internet too, but nobody else lives for miles around.


Should these small network use cases be required to stake or perhaps be listed with zero stake?
In a zero stake case, does it actually provide more security on the TCR because no one has an incentive to initiate a vote?

I’m personally of the opinion that if you have no subnetdao configured the node should attempt to operate. If other nodes are using one the dashbaord should tell you about it. That way everything will ‘just work’ to the maximum possible degree in different configurations.