ReUsing Pollen Mobile hardware with Althea KeyLTE

Hi folks,

I’m starting a thread to share progress on the Pollen Radio ReUse Project. We aim to turn hardware assets from defunct projects like Pollen Mobile into helpful building blocks for Althea KeyLTE networks.

Within the coming weeks, we hope to enable anyone to quickly deploy public access broadband connectivity or hybrid private/public cellular networks based on the open-source KeyLTE platform.

We’ve made good initial progress, documented here, and in this follow-up post.

Moving forward, I will coordinate the project and collaborate with the community as we build together in public.

Current Status;
KeyLTE Architecture
*Document KeyLTE Architecture inc Diagrams.
*Update Github ReadMe

KeyLTE Gateway

  • Document and test Installation on Pollen Stem compute :yellow_circle:
  • Document & test How to connect the KeyLTE gateway to Operator Tools and activate it.

Baicells Nova 227

  • Document Reset to factory default :white_check_mark:
  • Document & test connecting radio to KeyLTE. :yellow_circle:
  • Document Baicells CloudCore and SAS config. :yellow_circle:

How can you help? If you have redundant Pollen Mobile gear, great, but that’s far from being a pre-requisite for involvement. Anyone with skills from writing technical documentation to cellular wireless engineering is welcome.

Share your thoughts, ideas and questions in this thread. Let’s get started!

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