Helpful Reference Links

Links to sites with information about starting a community network or WISP.

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Here are some of the essential resources in Education & Resources (with a few key blog posts included).


  1. Geting Started
  2. Deployment Timeline
  3. Business Models & BOM
  4. Local Testnet
  5. Shopping List

Hardware & Installation

  1. Common Frequency Options
  2. Best Practices for sector antennas/APs
  3. Creating Ethernet, Powerline, and Wireless Links
  4. Router Candidates
  5. Pre-Flashed Router Purchase Form
  6. Antenna Install Shopping List

Software Configuration

  1. Router Flashing Guide
  2. For Users: Network Linking Guide
  3. For Relays: Gateway Port Guide
  4. For Local Relays: Client Mode Setup
  5. Example Nanobeam Bridge
  6. Router Setup Guide
  7. Payment Linking Guide