Dashbaord needs to display details about itself so that it can be easily added to the DAO by organizers


@Jehan @Adam_Soltys

Right now it’s very unergonomic to add people to DAO’s becuase you can’t see your own deatils. We’ve discussed this in the past as being a QR code or something.


What if we displayed some info on the front page? It’s just got links to the other pages right now. What details do we need? The ETH address and mesh IP of the node? Should they be combined into a single QR code somehow? Maybe we could structure them as a URL with parameters, something like althea://dao/add_node?eth_address=0x09c4d1f918d3c02b390765c7eb9849842c8f7997&mesh_ip= fdd2:b266:884d:b94d:44a3:6bac:5adf:9407 and then build a function within Aragon that allows you to scan and parse it?


that’s my thought we need a Identity QR code somewhere (exactly where is up to Jehan) then we can have organizers just scan it. @Sebohe what do you think about adding a qr code parser to the aragon dashbaord for the subnet dao? too hard?


So are you saying that the aragon app has access to the camera? I can’t say for sure. The aragon app is sandboxed from web3. I don’t know if it is sanboxed from anything else. The demo for this: https://github.com/JodusNodus/react-qr-reader worked on my android phone google chrome and on linux firefox

I think it is worth a shot.


yup, the idea is that we present the qr code to the organizers and they can add people to the local dao easily


screenshot @Jehan let me know if you want to work on wireframes for this