Daily Dev Update for 30-07-2018

In light of our larger team and in order to keep everyone on the same page I’m going to be doing daily dev updates from now on.

@ttk2 :
Working on

  • Explicit peer discovery, which has ballooned into a refactor of tunnel manager as well. I have high hopes that the new method will be more stable.

Working on

  • Alpha 7 release and the various debugging required to get that really working, waiting on Nathan’s removal of zip code, in theory we could shove it back in and ship but let’s not.


  • /exits/nickname/register to complement the other two endpoitns, Adam may soon be blocked on this
  • Version lock Althea-firmware on top of specific OpenWRT commit hashes, then try and automate the process of testing an update to those hashes.
  • Improved dynamic topology CI for Rita

Working on

  • Getting Gauc pull requests merged, they should provide functional payment sending with real Eth transactions, although these transactions won’t be published to the blockchain yet.
  • Refactoring the unit tests to be more readable, right now they work on checking some of the console commands run, in addition to other things, while these are ok test wise they are nearly impossible to modify easily

Working on

  • Removing the zip code parameter from Rita exit and client, it seems like this was a much larger task than I thought it would be, I’d appreciate an elaboration on that.


  • Setup routers, I sent him two n750’s to test with
  • Modify the /wifi-settings endpoint to take changes more simply, like POST to wifi-settings/radio-0/mesh to toggle rather than sending an entire struct.

Working on

  • Dashboard exit signup changes, this includes updating the exits section screen to use the /exits interface as well as @drozdziak1’s recently merged /exit/nickname/select and /exit/nickname/reset endpoints.


  • Dashboard smoothness, high latency endpoints need some compensation
  • Dashboard liveness, the exits endpoint provides a lot of cool debugging features that should be presented to the user helpfully.
  • Layout and design improvements

Working on

  • Setting up QA network, Josh is going to be testing a few builds a week with the goal of providing an outside person to break things devs won’t take the time to. But first he has to get his test network working.

Working on

  • Getting a Althea Cosmos zone up and running, he has a validator up now and is working on figuring out various things we may need. While we are using ETH api’s and software we plan to run on cosmos for their faster proof of stake speed. High transaction fees could easily kill the viability of Althea otherwise.

Working on

  • Ring port to MIPS, Ring is a very common Rust crypto library that makes heavy use of assembly code. Sadly they don’t have a portable implementation to MIPS and this is a bit of a problem for us as the majority of cheap routers are mips based and we depend on Parity which depends on Ring to make transactions. Last I heard he was preparing to open a pull request for the upstream maintainers to look at. The big controversy here is how long can we work on this before it would just be cheaper to buy everyone an arm based rotuer? We’ll have to evaluate and retask by the end of the week if it looks to be insurmountable.
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