Daily Dev Update for 15-08-2018


Sorry I missed yesterdays update guys, was up quite late deal with release shenanigans, the build server runs pretty slowly compared to my desktp thanks to it’s lack of pci attached storage. If only it had enough ram to build in a ramdisk.

Anyway we did get the release out today, I would like to hotpatch this in with the TrafficWatcher changes as 1.1.6, even though that may screw up our timelines some it’s such a big improvement that I don’t want to leave it hanging if it passes QA.

@ttk2 :
Working on

  • testing futures and reqwest changes to see if the performance boost is ‘real’
  • running hotpatch release after QA

Working on

  • payments structure research
  • code review @drozdziak1 please get to the outstanding pulls on althea_rs and althea-firmware ASAP

Working on

  • out this week

Working on

  • testing builds, identified all the issues I did as well, handing off a build with the new reqwest to him in just a bit.

Working on

  • working with @Deborah on the gig speed althea stuff.

Working on

  • Ring research
  • traffic watcher review / cleanup