Daily Dev Update for 08-08-2018


Right now I’m trying to focus on the critical path to the next release, we have a lot of great features and improvements that have been hanging on the exit signup refactor actually being completed.

The /register endpoint seems mostly ready and the peer refactor is also ready although we’re having some testing trouble in travis. What I would like to see is the peer-discovery refactor and the regiter endpoint merged tomorrow. Then we can get a build out the door to Josh and Adam to test and finish up the dashboard respectively.

There are several groups waiting for stable software right now so we really need to get something better than the previous alpha out pretty quickly and I think we have all the pieces, we just need to cut a release and spend some time patching based on feedback.

@ttk2 :
Working on

  • Bogota exit, testing of peer refactor

Working on

  • More reviews, register endpoint


  • Improved dynamic topology CI for Rita
  • release management shenanigans

Working on

  • Poking around with registration, blocked on @drozdziak1


  • Dashboard smoothness, high latency endpoints need some compensation
  • Dashboard liveness, the exits endpoint provides a lot of cool debugging features that should be presented to the user helpfully.
  • Layout and design improvements

Working on

  • Waiting on testing builds from the rest of us, hoping to have those out tomorrow night.

Working on

  • Would appreciate an update on smart contract/Aragon progress.

Working on

  • wipe endpoint


  • traffic watcher fixes/refactor to clean it up.