Daily Dev Update for 03-08-2018


Lots of progress today! Some progress to stabalization

As of today we are

  • running stable rust
  • building off of a OpenWRT release

We have outstanding pull requests to solve several of the major issues we have with the exit refactor as well as provide proper endpoints to @Adam_Soltys

@ttk2 :
Working on

  • Explicit peer discovery works! But creates tunnels that are not very reliable, we also still need to add tests. I’ve recruited @michal to help add tests and debug further
  • completed the wifi _settings endpoints for @Adam_Soltys they are now only waiting on review
  • pinned rust in Alteha-firmware
  • pinned openwrt in Althea-firmware


  • Better CI for althea-firmware that tests master openwrt too

Working on

  • /exits/nickname/register to complement the other two endpoints running into some actor issues


  • of testing an update to those hashes.
  • Improved dynamic topology CI for Rita
  • release management shenanigans
  • crime fighting, da na na na na na BatStan!

Working on

  • Adam has a router up today with all the api’s except the register endpoint, this should give him a good base to dev off of.


  • Dashboard exit signup changes, this includes updating the exits section screen to use the /exits interface as well as @drozdziak1’s recently merged /exit/nickname/select and /exit/nickname/reset endpoints.
  • Dashboard smoothness, high latency endpoints need some compensation
  • Dashboard liveness, the exits endpoint provides a lot of cool debugging features that should be presented to the user helpfully.
  • Layout and design improvements

Working on

  • still testing distros I think, also merged a nice pull from Althea-firmware to improve docs @Josh would appreciate progress on this

Working on

  • It looks like the time-line for ethermint would be a close call if it’s ready in time at all. To that end Sebastian is trying out https://poa.network/ which I’m sort of sceptical of in principle but if it provides a decent enough sort of platform that’s fine.

Working on

  • Ring pull request is still languishing https://github.com/briansmith/ring/pull/684, if the maintainer doesn’t get to it soon we should @ him. In the meantime Michal is working on helping to debug and review my peer discovery refactor.