Althea firmware development discussion

Beta 8

  • Functional changes to allow more open use
    • Encrypted exit signup
    • Minor dashboard refresh (checklist)
    • Oracle setup so that each deployment can have different auto-pricing
    • Token bridge and Xdai support

Beta 9 (Current release)

  • Focus on refinement and stability, no significant functional changes. So that we have a stable base for our upcoming Altheahoods
    • More functional port toggling (multiple lan ports, static wan ports from the gui)
    • Fixing dashbaord issues (check boxes would not stay checked)
    • Latency manager (prevents overloaded links from freaking out)

Beta 10 (Active development)

  • Small but significant changes in that gateways no longer need to be signed up to exits
    • Compressed log (dramatic reduction in bandwidth usage for relays and gateways)
    • Fixes for some minor billing bugs (gateway is slightly overpaid)

Beta 11 (In planning)

  • Significant functional changes, this release will be in release candidate and pre-release for a while.

    • IPv6 dualstack support, users get a static IPv6 IP
    • Babel per link pricing
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This thread is for discussing the release timeline, what’s going into each release and discussing progress with the community. The top post will be edited to keep things up to date as suggestions are made and new release come out the door.

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