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About the Backlog category (1)
Come up with captive portal system for advertising or payment (4)
Hook up neighbors screen to new api from Michal (8)
Althea Aragon app frontend (1)
Payment screen updates (5)
Dashbaord needs to display details about itself so that it can be easily added to the DAO by organizers (6)
Users should be able to set their own price (4)
Implement new exit list wireframes (3)
Wifi settings dashboard section should respon correctly to the 400 or 422 errors (2)
Users should be able to add and remove eth full nodes (1)
Users should be able to add Exits from the dashboard (1)
Add subnet Dao selection dialog to router dash (3)
Subnet DAOs for small network use cases (3)
Neighbors Page for troubleshooting (1)
Exit Sign Up with No internet (1)
Week of 8/27/2018 (1)
Work on IP leasing escrow front end (1)
Get firmware successfully querying subnet DAO (2)
Add fake funds deposit to dashboard api (3)
Work on IP leasing fee contract (1)
Neighbors screen incorrectly shows perfect link to internet (11)
Week of 8/20/2018 (2)
Create function call on subnet DAO app to allow routers to query neighbor's subnet status (1)
Show theoretical balances with neighbors (1)
Code review and possible small refactor of frontend (1)
Decide on how to deal with exits in neighbors list (2)
Create next version of Aragon subnet DAO (2)
Make form validation nicer (1)